Why it is important to take backup of website

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Blogging is very easy and simple to make some money for people’s living. It is also very good for those one who do  not do any work and just sit in their house.

It is very necessary to take backup of all your data because it is your stuff means hard work which you have done for getting something. How you feel if someone just take all your stuff.

Hackers are now jealous to blogger’s. They are just hack our blogs and delete them. Recently world’s great tech site Labnol which is owned by Mr. Amit Agarwal is been hacked by hackers. He said in his own words in his Labnol site that “On July 1st, the hacker stepped on the gas and deleted every single file /website that was hosted on my web server. I do not know how this happened and I may have lost some of my previous work but there’s a good side to the story – this fellow was kind enough to spare my databases and hence themain site is at least up and running now.”

This tells us that how it is important for all of us to take backup of all our websites. And for blogging platform it is not very difficult to hack blogs.


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Article by Daniyal Hasan

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