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WD (Western Digital) India is one the largest seller of portable hard disk’s in India. Here I am going to share its experience with me. Read this post carefully and then go for WD India.


WD RMA Program


WD RMA is a program in which we can return our defected hard disk’s to them and we can get a new one to our address if it is in warranty with 10-15 days. But this is not reality. You will never get your hard disk back if you will give it to  WD India.

My Experience with WD India RMA

My RMA no. is 85686995.

I have a poor experience of WD India RMA. I dropped my defected hard disk to their drop point in my city told by them on 10 November, 2014. They always say that you will get your hard disk within 10-15 days. After 10-15 days, I called them and asked my hard disk status. They said that we still haven’t received your hard disk from local pick-up centre and told me to wait more days. Its totally irritating and I threaten them that I will complain about them to consumer forum. Then they said that the hard disk of mine is not in their stock. I told them that what can I do now? Send me at any cost. They agreed to send me a new one differ from my model. After that they given to their courier partner FEDex.

Fedex courier was bringing my courier to me but at last in New Delhi they got some paper missing issues and that’s why they had to return the courier back to WD India. Now I again asked WD India regarding this. They told me that they haven’t got this issue and not aware regarding this. And now they are putting me in wait since a long time.

WD Customer Support Review


WD India has tollfree no. for their local support. Their tollfree no. is 18002005789. When you call them, they will be like noobs. They always say that give us 2 days time and we will forward your request. They will never hear you and do what they want. They do not have any powers. They are just for giving relax to you. Today it is 4th December, 2014. And still I haven’t got my hard drive.  I am tired of calling the customer support. They always want 2 days time. And they will do nothing. WD India is completely worst. I have all the call recording of their calls. But I cannot share it here. Its very entertaining.



Today I am going for Sony hard disk . Read all above review and think before you purchase WD hard disk. Also today I lodge a complaint regarding this to my local Customer court.

Thanks for reading and write your valuable comments.

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Sam July 21, 2016 at 8:44 pm

I am now experiencing the same issues – it’s 10+ days already and when I call support to ask them the status they ask if I have dropped off the drive at their service centre and then add someone “senior” will call me back with more details. When I dropped the drive 10+ days ago, the service centre app did not recognize my drive’s model number and so they used some other wd drive’s model number. All in all, not happy so far, and now even more concerned after reading your experience.


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