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Blogger is a very good platform for all us bloggers and pro-bloggers. Its is totally free and we do not need to invest money in buying a web hosting like we do in WordPress blogs. This saves our money also as well as time also. In WordPress we need to buy a domain and then a web hosting provider and then also we need to install WordPress also, this takes some of our time also. For newbies it is very useful for starting a blog with zero investment. And I also used it first when I started my first blogging journey. But then I moved my all blogger sites to WordPress.

But now in Blogger’s latest version we have got many new good and cool features. I am gong to mention here how to edit permalink structure in Blogger as we do on WordPress. Editing a permalink is a very good part of SEO and make it easy to learn URL’s.

What is Permalink?

Permalink is the URL of any post which you while visiting any site.
The lines which are bold are the permalinks of any blog or website. You can edit it for making your blog better and easy look.

Editing a WordPress blog permalink

It is too easy of editing a WordPress Permalink you do not need to do much just change it which is present at the above position of every edited or newly created post.

Editing a Blogspot blog permalink

Now in updated version of blogspot blog we can edit our permalink structure also. See below images to understand how to  edit permalink structure of blogspot blog.

Now for making it to your own structure  , click on custom Permalink

Now write your custom URL there. Its too easy as I mentioned above. Thanks for reading.

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