Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins worth embracing for 2014

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After having conquered over 15% of the web space, WordPress looks forward to become the number one choice of people looking for simple yet dynamic web portals. Irrespective of whether you own a blog or a website, it’s essential for you to customize your site’s/blog’s content in order to inform the search engines about your online presence. Today, search engine optimization has become a crucial aspect of website launch process. You can’t think of having a profitable website unless and until you optimize your site as per the updated algorithms of the search engines. Well, optimization is a vast domain and requires a lot of experience and skills. Fortunately, WordPress comes with several plugins that are customized for ensuring search engine friendly nature of websites. In this post, I’ll get you acquainted with top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins that’ll mark your site’s success in the year 2014.
WordPress SEO plugin No.1- WordPress SEO by Yoast


WordPress SEO by Yoast is a plugin that’s resulted out of continuous efforts of the team at Yoast. This plugin allows you to check whether the images within your posts have an alt tag containing the targeted keywords. Also, you can check whether your posts are long enough and contain relevant meta description within the headings and sub-headings. To cut a long story short, WordPress SEO by Yoast makes sure your site’s content is the one that’s loved by search engines. You may even use this plugin for setting up XML sitemaps, cleaning up your permalinks and optimizing your web content for different social media platforms.

WordPress SEO plugin No.2- W3 Total Cache

If you want your website to rank high on all the major search engines, it’s crucial to keep a check over the page load speed. W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that works best for optimizing the performance of websites and web applications. You can easily improve the server performance by caching almost every aspect of your website. This is in a way reduces the downtime time for your website and improves the search engine ranking for your site. As the website owner, it’s important to balance user experience with SEO in order to optimize your website in the best manner.
WordPress SEO plugin No.3- All in One SEO Pack
All in One SEO Pack has emerged as one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins due to its exclusive features. Once you install this plugin, it will automatically generate meta description and meta keywords for the content that is placed on your web pages. You get your page titles optimized as per the current search engine algorithms, making it easier for your website to be noticed on a variety of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. In addition to this, All in One SEO pack also adds tags to images on your website, making it more noticeable among the search engine crawlers. All in all, if you’re operating an e-commerce website then choosing the All in One SEO pack will render you a special support that’ll play a crucial role in your online success.
WordPress SEO plugin No.4-Google XML Sitemap
Creating an XML Sitemap is an excellent means of telling Google about the pages available on your website. In other words, an XML Sitemap makes it convenient for Google to discover your URLs that may otherwise get skipped by Google’s usual crawling process. After installing Google XML Sitemap plugin, you need not worry about the effective creation of a sitemap for your website. This plugin extracts the links and sample text from your site in order to create an accurate index for the search engine spiders. In addition to this, the plugin also sends automatic notifications regarding the new content that’s been placed on your web pages.
WordPress SEO plugin No.5- SEO Ultimate
SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO WordPress plugin that offers you complete control over non-indexed web pages, title tags, slugs, Open Graph, autolinks, rich snippets, canonical and 404 errors. Last updated on 2nd January 2013, SEO Ultimate has witnessed over 1,226,459 downloads till date. WordPress users have rated this plugin 4.2 on a scale of 5.0.
Out-of-the-box features available with these SEO WordPress plugins might have definitely encouraged you towards installing them onto your WordPress website. So, don’t give a second thought and simply proceed with choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin that’ll allow your website to attain a brand new level of online success in the year 2014.

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