Snapdeal Trustpay Review: Snapdeal not refunding money

by Daniyal Hasan · 4 comments

Snapdeal is one of the most famous eCommerce website. They were also good as like flipkart was. But now a days they are using cheap marketing tricks which are not good for consumers. I have very bad experience with their Trustpay also. They only claim to do but never do anything. They are also become worst as Flipkart now. They do not have any special thing which can give us good features.

Snapdeal Customer Support Review

They have a worst customer support of local peoples who do not know anything. They just only know what is order id etc. If you ask them any technical question they always forward it to their concern department which also do not know anything. The Customer Support team do not understand English also. I used to mail them simple grammatical English they reply me with the topic other than it. They do not know what is payment gateway etc. I called to them more than 23 times via phone and sended 100 of mails to them still my problem is not solved yet by them. Every time they say that my request is forwarded in concern department with high priority and it is going nearly 2 months and still i have not got any solution. Every time they say that you no need to call us again. I rate customer support of Snapdeal 0/10 .

My Experience with Snapdeal

My Snapdeal Order id is 1640368979.

I purchased a pair of trolley bag with Snapdeal and gifted to one of my friend name Abdul Bari from Delhi. One is black and other is Brown. Both prices are Rs. 2653 each. The seller published wrong size of the bag and my friend do not want small size bag so I ask for a refund to Snapdeal. I sended the bags to Snapdeal’s given address and Snapdeal received it. Then they initiated a refund of Rs 2653 each. I got one amount Rs 2653 and I haven’t received other amount Rs 2653. The payment is handled by CcAvenues . I made the payment via net banking. I asked Snapdeal customer support for the refund of other bag whose refund I haven’t received. They replied me this –

snapdeal reply

  Snapdeal asks for personal things-

One of the worst thing about Snapdeal is that they ask for personal and private things. They said to me to share my bank statement with them. This means I have to share my account balance and the transactions which I do through my bank. I said OK and I shared my bank statement with them.

After I shared my bank statement with them they replied me this-unusual mail

Then I become angry with Snapdeal and replied to their mail like this-

my reply to snapdeal

Then I think that Snapdeal do not understand English and also they do not understand my anger by asking bank statement again which I have given them before.

again asking bank statement snapdeal

I have mailed them bank statement again here is the mail-

bank statement

After this mail they haven’t replied. The cheap trick of marketing they played.

What is Snapdeal TrustPay?

You can get info about their TrustPay in Snapdeal’s website. Here is the image you can get an idea what is TrustPay of Snapdeal.

snapdeal trustpay

What I lost in this thing?

I lost a lot of mine time for emailing them and calling to their numbers. I have called them more than 23 time for just Rs 2653 only. I every time told that my request is transferred to concerned department. They just say only this thing. My request of refund was made on 10 February, 2014 and today I am writing this post on 28 March, 2014. I still not received my refund. It is not about such small amount like Rs 2653. It is about their trustpay which is never trust-able.


This is the conclusion of this article that Snapdeal is never a good choice for purchasing your things. You will never get anything when it come to a damaged product. Many customers have complained me same so I have written this long article.When they will not refund and stop replying you then you will become helpless and will loose your money. Make sure to comment below your problems with Snapdeal so that consumers can view it and aware about their fraud.

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Pratik Gaur September 11, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I can understand..

going through similar issue with them.


sana pawaskar September 25, 2015 at 12:41 am

I have not got my refund shoes yet….It has been taking more than one month


Daniyal Hasan September 26, 2015 at 3:17 pm
Deepak May 13, 2017 at 1:44 am

I had a pathetic experience of purchasing a Shirt and it was oversized.When I ask 4 return a courier was assigned and after that snap deal asked m that my product can’t b picked by courier and asked m to send by courier by my own cost .So I send the item ,item received by snapdeal then they never update after that.When I called 4m registered mob no it blocked by snapdeal then i called from other nos .They assured I will get return within 24 hrs every time I called.Matter now reached 24 days and I talked to senior exec which will take min 1hr to talk to them .Now one senior exec told u will not get any refund.Cheaters fake snapdeal fake cust care fake assurance.Pls suggest how we can sue these type of cheaters as they r looting common man’s money.


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