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WordPress is a good platform for bloggers to create a good blog website. Here we get every features and can customize our site in our own way.

Move Blogger to WordPress

For Just moving to Blogger to WordpPress you have to follow these simple steps-

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard by putting your username and password there.
  • Download this plugin Blogger Importer and upload it to your plugins directory via any ftp client or you can upload and install directly via your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Plugin from your WordPress Dashboard and activate the plugin Blogger Importer.
  • Now got o Tools and click on Import.
  • You will see there many platform but we are importing Blogger so simply click on Blogger and then click authorize button.
  • Now login with your Blogger email and password then Blogger ask you to give access to WordPress.
  • Now you have to click on Grant Access button then you will see all your blogs there in WordPress now simply click Import button to which blog you want to Import there on WordPress.
  • Now you are done. Good luck …

Why to move from Blogger to WordPress

  • Blogger is also very good platform for blogging but it does not have features like wordpress.
  • Here in WordPress we can edit permalink structure and make it as our own way. This helps for SEO and indexing pages to search engines. Long URL’s is not been easily remember.
  • In blogger we can not upload anything just like anything any downloadable attachment but in WordPress all these functions are available and easily be understandable.
  • In Blogger we have a single html coded template and we have to put every features in a only single html file and in WordPress there a big file of template available and for every functioning we can easily understand and customize it there.
  • We also can not edit permalink structure in Blogger to help to make a better SEO but in WordPress permalink structure help us to  make these changes(Now in new Blogger Interference this feature is available to edit the links for better SEO ).

There are many other things which I am not going to discuss but I think you know those things.


If you have any problem just comment here I will also put here screenshots to make it better. Thanks for reading.


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