How to setup a free CDN with Cloudflare with WordPress

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Many times we look our blog load very slow in many areas. This is due to our web hosting or if we are using vps them may be its unmanaged. This also irritates visitors and they leave your site due to slow speed. Also there is one more disadvantage, Google also penalize your blog as it load very slow and may be your blog may disappear from Search Engines.

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It has many data centers in my many countries. So it boosts your website speed. Like I am from India and this site is hosted in USA, CDN has data centers in India so it travels data faster to me from India data center.

What is Cloudflare?

CloudFlare is CDN which boosts your blog speed. It has free and premium plans. But if you want to start then free plan is perfect for you. This also secure blog from any type of attacks and if you do not like this you can stop its service any time.

CloudFlare logo

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How to setup Cloudflare for self-hosted WordPress blog?

Now this is the part where you will get the guide for setting up Cloudflair with your blog. First of all you need to signup here.

After signup just login to your Cloudflare account and you will be redirected to Dashboard.

Now write your website name there and click on add website as provided in the above screenshot.

Now this will analyze your website data like below image.

And now click on Continue setup and check your DNS records if you are not sure about DNS then look the DNS from your cpanel of DNS Zone Editor.

Now click on I’ve added all missing records, continue .

Now choose the settings according to below screenshot.

Click on Continue button and now its the technical part. You need to change your nameservers provided by Cloudflare.

Now update your nameservers from your Domain registerer. Now click on I have updated my nameservers.

Now you can use Cloudflare plugin for wordpress or if you are using W3 Total cache plugin then do like below screenshot:

You can API from my account area. Same will done if you will use Cloudflare plugin.

And you are done, cloudflare is now live to your website. Cheers.

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