How to manage all WordPress sites in a Single Dashboard

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WordPress is a very good cms for all bloggers. But if you have a lot of site created with WordPress. Then it is not a easy stuff to manage all sites by using different-different dashboards. So in this post I am going to share how to manage all you WordPress blogs in Single Dashboard. All we need to just install a plugin names called ManageWP. ManageWP is a good site for handling all your blog stuffs in a single Dashboard.

How to install ManageWP in WordPress sites and use it

Image Source- ManageWp

First of all you need to use the plugin of ManageWp to your WordPress site which you want to merge in one Dashboard. Click here to download the plugin. After this upload this plugin to your plugin directory and activate it.

Now you need to sign up for ManageWp. Sign up for ManageWp. There are several plans available for you and as well as free plan also available up to 5 WordPress sites. In this plan you will get 30 premium access also. So if do not have budget for this, you can sign up for free and enjoy up to 5 sites in one dashboard.

After you sign up to ManageWp you need to add your websites there.

Now in free plan you may can add 5 of your blogs there.

Note: This only works when you install the ManageWp plugin to your WordPress site. You will also be asked to mention your WordPress username there.

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