How to install WordPress Plugin via Dashboard or by FTP

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WordPress contains many good features and good entertainment for all of us. It is also famous for its plugins. As like WordPress themes, there area lot of WordPress plugin present in WordPress directory. Plugins contains a lot of cool features which give the site good design and with lot functions. But for newbies, I am showing that How to install a WordPress plugin. This article is very important and help you a lot to learn about WordPress and also about Blogging. Plugins also helps to improve our SEO. There are many plugins which provide SEO features like All in One SEO pack, EasyWP SEO etc. which are free.

There are two ways to install a WordPress plugin like we install a WordPress theme. We may install WordPress plugin via WordPress Dashboard or by any ftp client like Filezilla.

Installing WordPress plugin via WordPress Dashboard-

This is very good and also a easy way for installing a WordPress plugin. You just need to login to your WordPress Dashboard first.

Then move the cursor on Plugins bar and then click on  Add New. In this method you may search your any plugin which can come in your use and also can install it directly or if your plugin is not listed in WordPress directory then click you can download from anywhere and also can upload it here. Click on Upload .

Now click on Install Now  then you need to click on Activate Plugin. Its complete and now you may can use your installed plugin.

Here is another method also for Installing a plugin on WordPress via FTP.

This is also a very good method for installing a WordPress plugin all you just need a FTP account for logging in to any FTP softwares. There are a lot of FTP tools available in the market right now but you may use a free tool which I also recommend is Filezilla.

Now first of all open Filezilla software and put your login details and then go to wp-content→plugins.

Plugins Install

Now when you uploaded the WordPress plugin there, now you needed to login to your WordPress dashboard and come to Plugins bar and click on Installed Plugins. Now there you will find your uploaded plugin, you need to activate it there. Now activate the plugin. You are done. Enjoy now your plugin if you are getting some problems you may can ask me by commenting here.




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