How to get approved for Google Adsense

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As we all know that Google Adsense is used by many bloggers and pro bloggers in a very large number. It is the first step to make some revenue for our blog. We all know that Google Adsense is a large network for advertisement. I myself use Google Adsense in RockingTricks for generating some revenue. It is created by Google Inc, Google is a powerful search engine.

Nowdays it is very difficult to get approved for Google Adsense. And for new bloggers it is not a easy task to get approved from it. There are many sites which are in the partnership with Google Adsense . We can get approved easily from their partner’s sites. But it is not safe and our Google Adsense account may be disapproved at any time so below are some tips to be easily get approved from Google Adsense.

  • Make your blog designing good and fill some bright colors in them. Do not use the background as white screen or totally with a black screen or totally with a black screen. Good background attracts everyone.
  • Always use a custom domain like .com,org, .net etc.  Google Adsense mostly approve those one who have top level domain. Blogspot like domains can not be easily approved.
  • Write unique post and create backlinks from other blogs and forums etc.
  • Make sure that your content are your own. Do not copy contents from other websites. It is against Adsense Terms & conditions.
  • Your blog do not have hacking,cracking, or nulling contents. Also do not have pirated games or movies etc.
  • If you have putted popup ads etc. of other ad network then it is the time to remove it. You can run Google Adsense ads with combination of other ads.
  • Create some pages like About, Archives and Contact Us etc. so that it seems that your blog have some interesting material and also it get updates also. For example-   About , Archives, Contact Us
  • The main thing you just need is get some traffic to your blog before applying to Google Adsense. This is very important step.

These are the above steps followed by me and my blog RockingTricks got approved before 2 months. I have just filled the Google Adsense form once and got approved. As many of says that Google Adsense approve Indians when their blog is 6 months old, this may be true but in my case I just followed the above steps and got approved. I have shared all the things in my own experience. Also share your own experience here by just commenting here at RockingTricks and keep all of us informed about your techniques.

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