How to create feedburner email subscription for your blog

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Feedburner is a good for all your blogs. Here we can create rss feeds and email subscription and also good for all your SEO practices. This is a free service provided by Google. From this you reader can get all your new posts directly via email to their inbox. And this will also help your visitors to get back to your blog once again.

So here are the steps I am sharing with complete screenshots.

  • First of all go to
  • Now login there with Google account.
  • Now you will see like the below screenshot. Now fill there you blog full address.
  • After that click on the next button and choose your feed Title and address of your feed.
  • Now click on Next button andyou will receive your congrats message like this
  • Again click on Next button and you will get some settings like this
  • Click Next button and you will get a confirmation message. Now you have to active Email Subscription so click on publicize.
  • After that click on Email subscription from the column like shown in screenshot.
  • And click on the activate button as in the below shot. 
  • Now you are done. You feed is live and you can place your feeds in your WordPress or Blogger blog or in any platform. Just copy the code provided below and use it as widget in your blog. The code is shown like this- 

Everything is complete. I will hope that you have created feeds for your blog easily with the screen shots provided by RockingTricks.

If you are facing any problem just comment below.

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