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I have shared many things about WordPress but it is premium and also cost us. So here are many other alternates of it for creating blogs like WordPress. And for beginners it is a very good way to learn and use it for better experience. We can move our site from Blogger to our self-hosted site like WordPress. alternate is which is also good.

But sometimes I may not recommend you these free blogs because we do not have full access on it like we can not upload anything here or it may be deleted for against terms and conditions. But for newbies its a very good platform and when you get some traffic and started earning some money you move to your self-hosted sites like WordPress. Both Blogger and  are good for our requirements.

Before starting this tutorial I want to tell you something that Blogger free host is acquired by Google and all your images will be hosted on Picasa  and video will host on Youtube. Picasa and Youtube both are acquired by Google and if Google found something against their Terms and Conditions they will delete your blogs without notifying you anything. You will get here a sub-domain also like You may use your custom domain also or you can use a sub-domain for this purpose.

Create a free blog from (Blogspot)

First of all you need a Google(gmail) account, if you do not have create an account from

  • Then just go to and login with your Google email and password.
  • Use your own language form bottom of this page e.g. English. 
  • Then just login with your Google account and password.
  • You need to click on continue to Blogger button.
  • Then click on New Blog button in the left hand site of your screen.
  • Fill all the required fields like Title of your blog and your blog address like Also choose template also.
  • Click on create blog button and now your Blog has been created. A message comes like this way. 
  • Now click on start posting and write your content and when you are done publish.
  • Everything done now you are ready for Blogging. Best of Luck.
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