How to change WordPress username

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WordPress Security is the main thing for any Blogger. And hackers are always looking for your blog security break. So in this tutorial I will explain how to change WordPress username for any security purpose or if anyone know your WordPress username. Actually there is no option present in WordPress Dashboard for changing WordPress username. Many peoples use default WordPress username “admin” and hackers can easily get access to your WordPress website. And also can get access on your hosting account so it is necessary to change your WordPress username. It is so easy. But you need to change it from your Database. Just follow the steps provided below and your WordPress username will changed.

How to change WordPress username

First of all you need to login to your Web Hosting account like Bluehost, Hostgator etc. where your blog is hosted.

After that if you are using cPanel scroll down and choose phpMyAdmin .

Now you are in your all database area and you need to choose your database which you are using for your WordPress blog.

After opening your database of your WordPress blog. Choose this table “wp-users”.

Open wp_users and click on edit of the username you need to change.

You will your username there and click on edit on that username which you want to change. After that you come to this place.

Choose “MD5″ if you are changing your password also, this will encrypt your password.

Now you are done and you can also change anyone’s username from here. Thanks a lot for reading. If you are getting any problem you can just comment here.

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