Google Adsense launched biggest Ad unit size 300*600

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We all know that Google Adsense is a great ad network for ads. It is highly recommended and also have good payout rates. As you very well know know big ad units attract more visitors to see our ads. Now Adsense launched the biggest ad unit size 300*600. It is looking very attractive and I think it works very well for of us. I am not using this ad unit on my blog but I have seen that many of us are started using this ad unit.

How to create 300*600 Adsense Ad Unit

Here are steps for creating biggest Adsense ad unit. I will recommend you not use image rich ad but I thing we have to text rich ad in this ad unit.You can easily understand how to create this ad unit by seeing the image provided below.

First of all if you have a Adsense account then login there or if you do not have then follow these tips to be easily get approved with Google Adsense.

After you login to your Adsense account, go to My Ads tab provided there and click on New Ad Unit. Now see this screenshot and you will understand the rest.The name of the 300*600 Ad Unit is Large Skyscraper. Choose this and give your this ad unit a name as I have in the picture. Choose your channel etc. and color codes according to blog’s design.

See the demo of this Ads unit here in this screenshot Google has announced this news in their blog. You may read there by clicking here. But if have three Adsense ads in a page the remove one and then use this Ad Unit because Adsense do not allow more than 3 Ads in a single page. You may use this ad in your sidebar according toy our site design but do not use it below or above post title. Its best place is sidebar and it looks pretty there.

If you have any question related to this then do not hesitate to comment here. Thanks for reading.

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