Four types of blog commenters that you can Everywhere

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These days every blogger wants to increase the SEO performance and to do so they try various methods like blog commenting, guest posting and many others. The one which is famous among everyone is blog commenting. But in between those blog commenters there are some which are one of the kind. And today we’re going to tell you for types of blog comment you would see on every blog.commenters

  • Spam King

This type of people or I should say comments can be seen all over the Internet in every one blog. Most of these people are the ones who want to spam other blogs sometimes, they use automated bots or sometimes they do this stuff manually. Usually these types of people comments irrelevant thing and stuff keywords in the comment impress Google but actually they don’t do so.
Some of these people also use automated bots but mostly these comments can be identified by the way of the comment they made. These comments are often long and say that your blog is not getting enough views or some other stuff and they have the service to improve it but actually it doesn’t work at all. The types of comments are often filtered by the blog itself but still if it is not filtered then you should delete them by yourself.

  • Self Promoter

These people are the ones who want to get backlinks and nothing else but to get backlinks they just leave a short which is totally irrelevant. They do it to improve SEO and get a higher exposure. These people can’t be identified by the filter due to which you have to manually check them but it is really easy to find them you just need to look at the comments and see if there is a link or the comment is too short. If you have got these types of comment on your blog then you should remove them.

  • The valuable commenter

These people are considered to be the best people on your blog. These people leave good comments on your blog which are relevant to the topic and unlike the self promoter these people try to give the best comment possible and try to make the blog clean place but still these people also leave a link in the comment to get back links but according to me this is a great way as it doesn’t makes the comment section a spammy place.

  • The noble commenter

Okay so these people are actually not interested in making back links and they just give a piece of advice to you to improve your blog or anything. These people are fond to give you free advice without any backlinks and thus they are considered to be the best one and if you have got some of them when you’re surely a lucky person but actually the chances of getting people like these are really less. So try to get these commenters as much as you can.

So above the four types of commenters you can find in every blog. How many types have you got do let us know in the comments section below.

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