Copyright Policy

Guys welcome to this page, Here is few copyright policy shared by me about Rockingtricks.

Copyright  Policy

Here are few things you keep in mind if you like our article and want to pace some of its part in your blog also.

  1. Do not copy whole post, I will not allow you to copy the full posts just copy its 1-2 paragraph only.
  2. Always contact me before copying anything.
  3. After getting my permission you may copy it as I will guide you via Email.
  4. Do not exceed the post by mixing your own words there in the posts, its against our TOS.
  5. Make sure that you have to put the proper source for the copied post with a complete link.
  6. When you are done, you should have to send the link of your post to us so that we can keep this link in our records.

Make sure you have to follow each and every copyright policies provided above otherwise you may be in some danger place.

If we will get to know that you have copied our anything without our permission, I will file a DMCA complaint and you will loose many things like your blog may be recognized as spam, you may loose your Google Adsense account or you may loose your blog forever.

So if you copy then be ready to loose the things provided above.