Google is very good and beneficial for all of us guys. As we all know that google is one

of the top search engines in all search engines. I like to googling anything in google.

Its another part is Gmail . And is widely used by many users of the world. I like gmail because we can get access to each and every feature of google with a single account. Click to continue…

In my previous post I have shared How to register domains for free. So for understanding this post you will need to view my previous post and register domains just for free from Intuit. Its a unique trick for registering domains. Now if you do not know much about domain and do not know host to use it then you just need to read my this article where I will tell How to point domain on Blogger (blogspot) or a self-hosted site with blogs like WordPress,Joomla etc.

Use domain from Intuit on Blogger (blogspot)

For using Intuit domain on Blogger you just follow these simple steps:-

  • Go to Intuit Login page by clicking here and login with your User Id and password.
  • After Login in just click on Domain (see screenshots for understanding more). 
  • Click on Advanced DNS Settings.
  • You will there A records, CNAMES, MX records etc. like this now then click on edit and make all recoreds like this given in the scrrenshots below.

If you can not understand with screenshots just read this.

  • After click on edit come in A Records and points to the domain to following ip’s.

    • There will only two fields given, You need to click on Add a new A Record for adding two more fields and in Host field use this sign * .
    • Now come below on CNAMES just in below Host will written www. You have to come Points To field of this CNAME record and write there
    • And just leave all records as default. Now click on submit and now you are done.
    • Now go to Dashboard and click on SettingPublishing→Switch to custom Domain→Already have a domain. Now just write your domain like with www like and enter the captcha, then click on save button. You are done here also.
    • Now visit your site and you will be redirected to your custom domain registered from Intuit.

Use domain from Intuit on self-hosted sites with blogs like WordPress, Joomla etc.

For using Intuit Domain for self-hosted sites just follow steps below:-

  • Login to your Intuit a/c from this link.
  • Now you need to edit your nameserver records so Click on domains and then on edit Edit Your Nameservers. 
  • Then just edit your nameserver provided by your Web hosts like



  • You are done, now your domain will point on your web hosts if your namservers are correct.

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Domains are the heart of any website. This is the main thing which a developer choose first. It is based on your site like what type of site you have, what contents you put there?

Actually domains cost us not much but their price is now getting high. So I am now going to share a free trick to get some domains like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz etc Its totally free trick and working all over the world. You just need a google account to sign up there and also have to sign up for intuit. Actually Intuit is giving free domain with google and domain is registered with ICANN registered company Ltd. You will get full support there without any limitation but you can not redirect the domain to another domain. This is the only limitation. So now follow the steps below to get your free domain-

  • First of all click here to go to the website created by google for free domain.
  • Login there with your google account the you will be redirected to create account in intuit.
  • After filling required details you will be redirected to to choose free domain there. Now click there choose free domain.
  • You will see page like the screenshot above put your domain there and select tld and the click check availability.
  • Now click on Get Domain. And you will given to write whois details. (Scrrenshots shown below).


  • Fill the whois details which is required and then click continue.
  • After that you do not have to check the privacy box if you will check it, this cost you 1 $ per month for privacy protection and so do not click there. Now check the box I of terms and service and click Submit.
  • You need to fill your credit card details for protecting against fraud. You can create an virtual visa card from also or fill your credit card details.
  • Now you are done.

Note: Please do not use this trick for Business purpose. I will not responsible for it if you use this domain illegally.