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Regardless of what you do and where your interest lie, you must, at least occasionally find yourself in a situation where you simply have to jot a reminder down for later. If your note taking demands are not too high you could do with just about any of the apps that offer to do that, and there are a ton of them out there, but if your needs are a bit more specific, it wouldn’t hurt to get a bit more familiar with the subject.



You would be hard press to find an article talking about note taking apps that wouldn’t mention this little miracle. It might be difficult to pinpoint just one of its characteristics that made it as widely praised as it has become, it is rather the overall experience it offers, a great number of options and a pleasant interface that have brought it so close to a huge number of users. The app allows you to save images in your notes, make voice reminders, and organize your notes in a number of practical ways. Another one of its advantages is that you can use an incarnation of Evernote on just about any device, which is great for synching your notes across all of you devices, be it an Android phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, PC or a tablet. The only downside to it is that you can’t access your files if you are not connected to the internet, unless you decide to pay the yearly fee of $45, but this still doesn’t disqualify it as the most comprehensive app out there.

Catch Notes


Even though Evernote has been hogging up all the glory, that doesn’t mean that there are not other amazing apps out there. Catch Notes is one of them. One of the first features of this app that you will notice is its beautiful and practical interface that will always provide you with needed shortcuts and ways to make the experience of using this app as enjoyable and simple as possible. You can program the app to remind you of important dates, attach several images to your notes, record voice reminders and search your notes using a number of different filters, which can really come in handy once the notes start piling up. The paid version offers more options, but even the free one will give an average user everything that he or she might need in an app of this kind.

Note Everything


This note app doesn’t have the sharing options of some of the more complex apps, it won’t let you export your notes or sync them across various devices, but it does have its advantages. You can still text or email your notes, but its true strength lies in the note taking options themselves. Apart from giving you the chance of recording audio notes, you can also use your finger to draw images that you can save as note, or make as complex to do lists as you might need. A great, if somewhat basic app.

ColorNote Notepad Notes


A beautiful and cheerful app that might even evoke some nostalgia with its classical posted note design. It is great for taking notes on the go, as you can perform most of the actions possible in this app in just a few simple steps. Even though it is quite basic otherwise, it does offer one useful advanced feature, and that is the ability to password protect your notes and keep them safe from prying eyes. It is completely free, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

Ella is writer and blogger, loves to explore and write about various technology and internet trends. Since she got her HTC Wildfire S Android Phone she is interested in everything related to its apps and features.

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