About Us

I am Daniyal Hasan and I am a blogger and founder of RockingTricks.com.I am a student of class 11th and go to my school Sarla International Academy. In my part time work I used to do blogging. I am not doing blogging for money but I am doing it for increasing my knowledge with all of you. The photo which you are seeing is not my real photo. I will be available with my real image soon.

I started doing blogging in August 2012, and want to become a professional blogger. I wish that my site RockingTricks.com will become helpful for all of us and those who do not know much about Blogging can get some idea from here.

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About RockingTricks

RockingTricks.com is registered on 16 January,2012. You will be amazed that I have registered the domain  16 January,2012 but I started blogging in August 2012. This is due to my exams and I was not able to start blogging at that time.